I  always liked She Loves You even better than I Want To Hold Your Hand although that is great too.
And I always loved  this very early John song written and recorded  in 1962  Ask Me Why.
I  have always loved this great beautiful song written by John,with such typical beautiful melodies and harmonies John and Paul usually wrote,and John’s usual beautiful singing voice.And this was amazingly recorded in 1962 on only two track tape! with such limited,primitive recording technology but it of course still sounds great.Except I hate mono it’s limited sounding and only makes their already limited recording technology sound even more limited.I tried to find the stereo version of this song on youtube but I couldn’t find it.
Here university of Pennsylvania musicologist Alan W.Pollack  who did an 11 year extensive analysis of every one of the 200 Beatles songs,analyzes Ask Me Why and explains that it’s structurally complex.