Around 2003  I found an online interview with George Martin and he said that  even though he has produced many other music artists and he has never had the same success before or after producing The Beatles,he has never known or  worked with anyone as brilliant as The Beatles. He was also interviews in the  1990’s on a Breakfast With The Beatles show on a local rock station,and he said  that John Lennon and Paul McCartney were incredibly talented people and he said  it like he still couldn’t believe it. And he also said they both were  extraordinarily talented song writers and great singers.

And in the excellent thorough book by Mark Lewisohn,The Beatles  Recording Sessions,George Martin,and so many of The Beatles tape operators and  recording engineers are interviewed,(and in the beginning there is a great 1987  interview with Paul McCartney) and they describe in detail how truly  innovative, brilliant and creative especially John and Paul were in their amazing  8 year recording career. And there is a big black and white picture of Mick Jagger sitting in between John and Paul in the recording console room listening to the playback of the songs from The Beatles Revolver album.
And my cousin who was born in 1968 who used to be a lawyer,and  his brother born in 62 who is still a lawyer,and their sister born in 64,their  oldest brother born in 60,and their parents have always been Beatles fans. My  cousin born in 68,went to England around 1991 and he told me that he was at a  British Museum where the works of Shakespeare,Dickens,Wodsworth and Keats,Lennon  and McCartney’s lyrics are right in the same case. And he said the majority of  visitors always said,forget the Shakespeare etc,lets go over to the Lennon and  McCartney lyrics.
When I once asked him,if he still liked The Beatles he said,best band there  ever was.My step cousin born in 1958,said they probably were the greatest band  ever.He saw Paul McCartney and Wings in May 1976 in concert when he was 18 and  he said it was a great show.