As  The  Rolling Stone  Album  Guide  said, not  liking  The  Beatles  is  as  perverse  as  not liking the  sun.  And  Ozzy  Osbourne( he’s been a huge Beatles fan he was a young teen from The Beatles early days,and he picked She Loves You as one of Rolling Stone Magazine’s greatest songs of all time,and Sgt.Pepper is one of hi favorite albums)  said  not loving  The  Beatles  is  like  not  loving oxygen. And  a guy  who  runs  Keno’s  Classic  Rock n Roll    Site  and who  runs  a  Rolling  Stones  and  John  Lennon  fan  site   says  in his review of The Beatles 1967-1970 Blue Album  damn  The  Beatles  were  one  great  group  and  he  said  in  his  great  review  of  The  Beatles  1962-1966  Red  album, that   if  you  don’t   love   or  at least  like  The  Beatles  and  their music  then  you  are  not   a true rock  fan   and  more  than  likely  will  never ever  get  it.
He also says that John Lennon showed  on Paul’s rocker Get Back why he should have played lead guitar more often because he did such a good job of it. He also said he played a pretty good slide guitar on George’s For Your Blue and he said John also played one of the first and best acid guitar parts on his great rocker Revolution.