I  recently found this great blog post by a guitar player and musically academically knowledgeable guy debunking the totally ignorant,ludicrous hateful lies by cognitive scientist and music critic Piero Scaruffi about The Beatles that ignorant Beatles haters calling them a talentless boy band,are quoting on so many sites for many years now and still are.This guy who did this very good rebuttal explains what  I  knew from the moment  I first read Scaruffi’s ignorant bullsh*t,he says Scaruffi tells consistent deliberate lies about what The Beatles did,how they were regarded,and what they were attempting to do and that the lies that he tells are part of a deliberate and consistent effort to make The Beatles look overrated.

On a heavy metal site someone posted Scaruffi’s horrible inaccurate bullsh*t about The Beatles and a guy said that Scaruffi made up contrived bullsh*t about The Beatles and that a lot of people think he knows what he’s talking about because he’s a cognitive scientist.Many people elsewhere have said that Scaruffi just made up most of this bullsh*t,he made all of it up,the only facts he got right are John,Paul,George,Ringo,George Martin and Brian Epstein’s names.
I actually emailed this idiot Scaruffi back in 2001 to try to debunk his ignorant lies about The Beatles,and he emailed me back three times,and I was civil to him,(which wasn’t easy,and I had to control myself from not cursing him,but I know that wasn’t going to work to get through to him) and he was civil to me too,but you just can’t get through to him.He actually said that he thought I’m one of the most intelligent Beatles fans he ever communicated with because I never mentioned The Beatles record sales as to why they are great and he actually claimed that this all the majority of Beatles fans said to him,that they sold the most records,which he denies that they did in his horrid article. I don’t believe him at all I’m sure that a lot of knowledgeable fans did inform him of a lot of  academic and music scholarship that debunks his stupid,horrible lies but he just doesn’t want to recognize it because he irrationally hates The Beatles and he wants everyone else to hate them to.