In this very good recent article,    Eight Days a Week Captures The Beatles Touring Years by Hector Saldana bassist and former San Antonio rodeo band musical director Joe Sarli saw The Beatles at The Houston Coliseum in 1965 and he says that he doesn’t think people give them credit for how good they really were and how tight the vocals were,and he said Ringo was a heck of a drummer. He also saw The Rolling Stones live in 1964 and he said that The Rolling Stones were more of an R&B-blues band but The Beatles were a da*n rock n roll band and they rocked out and he credits The Beatles 7 ( although it was actually 8) hour sets playing in Hamburg for making them a machine.




He then thankfully said anyone who says they’re a boy band is full of, and it says expletive in parenthesis meaning sh*t and then said you tell me if we’re going to know who Justin Bieber is in 50 years. This article also says guitarist Steve Owens of The Mo-Dels who saw all of the major rock acts of the late 60’s except The Beatles because they never came to San Antonio but he said he vividly recalls listening to their first vinyl bootlegs of their live concerts which came out in the 60’s and his close friend had one. He says the bass was just killer,it was everywhere,just so Paul McCartney loud and predominant. He said back in the day he saw a lot of concerts and that hardly anybody sounded like their records and that even as kid he was going wait a minute.He then says,The Beatles were gold nobody could touch them,they played it exactly right.