George Martin Says In This book his biography,All You Need is Ears,There’s No Doubt Lennon &  McCartney Were good Musicians,They Had Good Musical Brains & The Brain Is Where Music Originates,It Has Nothing To Do With Your Fingers,As It Happened They Could All Play Their Own Instruments Very Well,And that Paul is an excellent music all- arounder, probably the best bass guitar-player there is, a brilliant guitarist,a first class drummer and a competent piano player.

George Martin said in The Beatles early days he tried to learn to play the guitar in order to have a better musical communication between him and The Beatles,but he couldn’t learn it and gave it up,but he says that John and Paul learned to play the piano far more quickly than he was able to master their instrument.’s%20No%20doubt%20that%20Lennon%20and%20Mccartney%20were%20good%20musicians&f=false