Keno who runs The Rolling Stones,John Lennon and Classic Rock n Roll site says his great 2017 review of The Beatles first album Please Please Me,that they were different from any other bands and music artists before them because they wrote,sang and played their own songs and before them music groups had professional song writers writing songs for them,he said John and Paul not only wrote great songs on please Please Me,but that John and Paul were both great lead singers who couldn’t be beat at the time,and that they were on their way to becoming the greatest rock and roll band ever.



The Rolling Stones are his first favorite band but The Beatles
are a very close second.
He also said that the album had rock and pop songs and that it starts with Paul’s I Saw Her Standing There which he calls pure rock and roll,and he said John’s vocal on Twist And Shout,(which John sang so great with a bad sore throat from a bad cold) was hard rock before any hard rock was being done.