Happy 75th birthday Paul McCartney!

Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

mcartneyOn June 18, 2017 Paul McCartney turns 75 years old.

It just seems like “Yesterday” that I was twelve years old and watching the Beatles perform live on the Ed Sullivan show.  Then seeing them perform live at the Hollywood Bowl in 1964.  53 years later I am still a Beatlemanic and proud of it!

Paul McCartney is listed as the most prolific songwriter in history. His first collaborations with John Lennon were remarkable. The two of them had a wonderful chemistry together and proved it over and over. The impact the Beatles made on the world cannot be fully understood by those who were not there at the time. I always feel that my life was in black and white and did not become filled with colors until the Beatles. That’s the most simplistic way I can express what they did for me.  To this day I still consider…

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My Top 10 Most Underrated Beatles Songs

Beatle Me Do

I’ve been thinking about doing this post for a while, but it’s taken me some time to come up with Beatles songs that are truly underrated. Since the Beatles have so many famous songs, there aren’t too many that I think are truly underrated or unknown. For this list, I’m not including any covers the Beatles did like Twist and Shout, and I’m also not including songs that are really well known like Hey Jude or She Loves You, because while I don’t think they’re overrated, they are definitely not underrated. So, with that in mind, we begin!

10. I’ll Be Back

This song is kind of similar to If I Fell, which is also on the A Hard Day’s Night album, but it’s not as well known. However, I think it’s just as good. The harmonies here, like those on If I Fell, are spot on and beautiful, and…

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Paul McCartney: Wingspan Documentary

The Old Grey Cat

wingspanIt seems like a lifetime ago. And, in many ways, it was. In 2001, I worked for TV GUIDE in its listings department – we wrote the descriptions that the whole world (or, at least, some in the U.S.) read. We also wrote in-depth Close-Ups (or, at least, as in-depth as 500-600 characters could be) for the magazine; and longer essays for the TV GUIDE Web site. For whatever reason, likely my love of music, I was the designated backup writer for the Music Guide, which was featured in the black-and-white section every week. The late Fred Mitchell – as good a guy and colleague that I’ve worked with – was the primary.

I think that’s why Paul McCartney’s Wingspan fell to me, though I could be wrong. Prior to its DVD release, it aired on ABC here in the States; and the general rule was that the same writer…

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Were The Beatles a ‘boy band’?

The Burgeoning Bucket List

In the beginning, The Beatles played Rock ‘n’ Roll. This music wasn’t recorded, and mostly comprised of covers. When the band started to become more popular, primarily in Liverpool, they wanted more, but their manager told them in order to truly succeed, they’d have to clean up their image; stop eating on stage, stop swearing, stop smoking. John said ‘it was a choice of making it or still eating chicken on stage’, as ‘guitar bands’ were ‘out’.

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