Entertainment This Week- August 23, 1986 (special Paul McCartney interview) – Video Dailymotion

Barbara Howar interviews rock and roll legend Sir Paul McCartney in this special edition of Entertainment This Week.


The Beatles Tune In: Mark Lewisohn’s definitive account of the Liverpool years

That's How The Light Gets In

For days after Christmas I didn’t leave the sofa, enthralled by The Beatles Tune In, the first of three volumes in which Mark Lewisohn intends to tell the definitive story of the Beatles. It’s a grand book in every sense of the word: this volume clocks in at close on a thousand pages, ending as the group travel to London to record their first single ‘Love Me Do’; it’s also meticulously-researched and written with passion, authority and elegance. This is not your average pop hagiography, but is also an informed and insightful social history of Liverpool and the emergent youth culture of the 1950s. After this, all future accounts of the lives of the Beatles will be redundant.

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